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Awning Motors Manufacturer Introduces How To Install Electric Curtains


Electric curtains carry people's beautiful images of sm […]

Electric curtains carry people's beautiful images of smart home living. With a light touch, the curtains will automatically open, and the sun will spill in. Such a comfortable life allows users to release their hands and obtain great convenience. Below, Awning Motors Manufacturer introduces how to install electric curtains:


1. Before installing the electric curtain, you must install a track, you need to measure the fixed hole position and the total length of the track. If the track is arc-shaped, then you must use an additional measurement method. After the measurement is completed, you can install it on the wall. Draw a line on the top and set the installation position for the track.


2. After the positioning is completed, you can install the hoisting clamps on the motor. The clamps are installed with screws. First, rotate the clamps 90° to connect them to the track normally, and then use the self-tapping screws to connect the clamps and the top plate to each other.


3. Next is the connection link of the motor. After connecting the wires according to the instructions, the motor and the track can be connected to each other. The motor has a specially configured transmission box. One end is connected to the motor is the main transmission box, and the other end is the auxiliary transmission. The installation method is to put the motor into the main transmission case at 90°, rotate it 90° clockwise, and then push the card to the limit position of the transmission case, and the connection can be completed after it is automatically locked.