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What Are The Classifications Of Motorized Shades Blinds


The awning plays a very important role for us to resist […]

The awning plays a very important role for us to resist the sun. The electric awning is more convenient. The electric awning can be stretched freely, which satisfies the design of the architectural glass roof. When the sun is not required, the electric sunshade can be remotely controlled Press to fold it up slowly, allowing you to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun. Let's take a look at the classification of Motorized Shades Blinds.


1. Ordinary electric awning
It mainly includes brackets, aluminum alloy coils, and bottom rods. It does not include guiding methods. It can only be used in vertical windows and has weak wind resistance.


2. Electric sunshade with a guide wire
The guidewire is used on both sides of the roller blind to restrain the roller blind from running sideways. Generally, it is only used when the height of the roller shutter exceeds 5.5m. Φ2.5 bare steel wire is used, and plastic coated steel wire can also be used. It can be installed at a vertical or inclined angle within 45-90 degrees.


3. Electric awning with guiding side rails
Used in environments where full shading is particularly required. The role of the guiding side rail and the guiding wire is basically the same, and both play the role of restraining the fabric, but if full shading is required, the guiding side rail is required, and the two ends of the fabric slide down along the side rail. It can be installed vertically, obliquely, or curvedly, and expand into a rectangle.