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Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturer Introduces The Principle Of Operation Of Electric Curtains


Smart Curtain Motor manufacturer introduced that electr […]

Smart Curtain Motor manufacturer introduced that electric curtains are different from manual curtains. The rails of electric curtains are mainly guided rails. The smooth opening and closing of the curtains are much better than the Roman rods of manual curtains, and the guide rails of electric curtains can be straight or bendable. , Can meet the use of various windows of different specifications.


The previous electric curtain can only be controlled by the wall switch or infrared remote control to control the opening and pulling function of the curtain. Not only the curtain motor needs to be connected to the wire, but the infrared remote control must be precisely aligned with the curtain motor to take effect.


Now, electric curtains have gradually begun to become intelligent, not only adding smart chips to the curtain motor, allowing the electric curtains to be linked to various household appliances in the family, but also can be connected in various ways. This is how the electric curtains gradually appear. The ultimate reason in everyone’s eyes.


1. Wireless remote control, the wireless remote control can be used to control any place in the house.

2. Mobile phone APP control, mobile phone is much more convenient than a wireless remote control, not only has more functions but also can use the mobile phone APP for remote control, you can also use the mobile phone APP to control if you forget to pull the curtains after going out.

3. Voice control, when the smart curtain is connected to the APP, you can use the mobile phone APP or smart speaker to control the curtain by voice, and open/close the curtain in one sentence.

4. You can also use the mobile phone APP to open and close the curtains at a time. The curtains are automatically opened in the morning and closed in the evening.

5. It is also equipped with functions such as slow start and slow stop, stop when encountering obstacles, which is much better than traditional manual curtains inexperience.