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Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturer Introduces The Working Principle Of Chain Motors


Roller Blinds Motor manufacturer introduces the working […]

Roller Blinds Motor manufacturer introduces the working principle of chain motors.


The working principle of the chain motor: The chain motor is on the load chain, and a higher load-bearing roller attachment is added between each section to load the goods. The chain uses rollers to roll and slide with the track. The rollers on the chain are in rolling contact with the track, which has low friction resistance, low power loss, and can carry heavier loads. Its load capacity is related to the strength of the support, the size of the chain, the size of the roller, and the material. The roller is generally made of steel, but in some cases, it is made of wear-resistant engineering plastics to reduce noise.


Advantages of chain type:

1. The material can be freely selected, and the chain can be made of different materials according to user needs, such as steel, noise-reducing, wear-resistant, and so on.

2. Great power.

3. External hanging type, easy to maintain. Generally, when there is no requirement for appearance, most of them adopt an external hanging type, which is convenient for maintenance and durable.

4. The price is relatively high.