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Roller Blinds Motor Factory Introduces Maintenance Requirements For Electric Curtains


Roller Blinds Motor Factory introduced the maintenance […]

Roller Blinds Motor Factory introduced the maintenance requirements of electric curtains:


1. There is no response to the remote control operation of the electric curtain:
① Check whether the battery level of the remote control is too low. If the indicator light of the remote control does not light up during remote control, it indicates that the battery is too low and the battery needs to be replaced. Please pay attention to the positive and negative levels when replacing. Belinda Electric Roman Rail uses a wireless remote control method, and the remote control uses a 12V battery.

②Check whether the power socket has electricity (you can plug it in with an indicator light or electric tool to try). If the power socket has electricity, check whether the power plug of the electric track is in good contact with the socket, and you can unplug the power plug. Adjust the insert, reinsert it and try again.

2. The electric curtain cannot be opened and closed in place, or the middle cannot be moved closer, it may be asymmetrical on both sides of the curtain caused by manual or other reasons, just move the two curtains close to the middle manually, and then use the remote control to open it again.

3. When the power is off, manual operation is not possible. When manual operation, you need to pull down the pull rope forcefully, turn on the manual switch, and use the pull rope to move the curtain to the left or right.


4. The motor rotates but the curtain does not move. It may be that the manual switch has not been reset after the manual operation. Please move the traction link to the left or right, and the manual switch will automatically reset.