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Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Factory Introduces How To Repair Various Curtains


Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Factory introduces the rep […]

Roller Shutter Tubular Motor Factory introduces the repair methods of various curtains:


1. Relevant knowledge of the maintenance of the roller blind: the roller blind is rolled to one side, when the roller blind is rolled up, it is biased to the other side, and the paper tape is attached to the aluminum track on the other side until the roller blind can be parallel to the end; The curtain cannot be pulled: the fixing seat on the two sides is installed too tightly, or the puller is damaged (replace it).

2. Maintenance knowledge of vertical curtains: double-open vertical curtains cannot be retracted on both sides, please check whether the vertical curtain aluminum track (or PVC track) is deformed or the vertical blades are stuck, and you can correct these problems; vertical curtains cannot be dimmed: the first Check whether the dimming cord is jammed by the internal structure of the vertical curtain track or the vertical curtain track is deformed, just correct it.

3. Knowledge of maintenance of Venetian blinds: Venetian blinds cannot be dimmed. If the Venetian blinds are damaged, just replace the Venetian blinds; the loop of the Venetian blinds is not controlled and fixed: the Venetian blinds stopper is worn out, just replace it. The cable device can be solved.


4. Knowledge of maintenance of bamboo curtain: the loop of the bamboo curtain is pulled up uncontrollably and fixed, the cable stopper of the bamboo curtain is worn out or has poor contact, just replace or correct it.


5. Maintenance of electric curtain knowledge: electric curtain can not be opened and closed, first check whether the remote control battery is charged, and then check whether the motor power supply voltage is normal, check these two parts one by one to find the problem.