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Roller Blinds Motor Factory Introduces The Advantages Of Electric Curtains


Electric curtains are different from traditional curtai […]

Electric curtains are different from traditional curtains: the circular slide lines and rings are no longer tied together. Instead, they are connected by belts. The specific structure is the belt drive, which runs in the inner cavity of the closed curtain rod, and the belt pulls the curtain. Next, Roller Blinds Motor Factory will introduce the benefits of using electric curtains:


1. Protect privacy. For a family, no one likes his every move in the eyes of others. From this perspective, different indoor areas have different privacy standards. The public activity area (such as the living room) of family members has lower privacy requirements. Most family living rooms will open the curtains, and in most cases are in a decorative state. For areas such as bedrooms and toilets, people not only need to look, but they can't even see the shadows. This caused different problems when choosing curtains in different areas. In the living room, we may choose more transparent fabrics, while the bedroom chooses thicker fabrics.


2. Shading. In fact, the principle of protecting privacy is still being dealt with in terms of blocking light. The use of light here refers to the problem of effective use of light while protecting privacy.


3. Decorate the walls. For many ordinary families, curtains are large decorations on the walls. It seems that for some simple families with "four white floors", apart from a few picture frames, the curtains may stay on the wall. Therefore, whether to choose curtains can often play a decisive role. Similarly, for hardcover families, the right curtains will make the house more beautiful and personalized.


4. Sound absorption and noise reduction. We know that in the transmission part of the sound, the treble spreads in a straight line, and the reflectivity of the window glass to the treble is also high. Therefore, curtains with an appropriate thickness will improve the reverberation effect of the room sound. Similarly, thick curtains also help to absorb some of the external noise and improve the indoor sound environment.