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Roller Blinds Motor Factory Introduces The Control Method Of Electric Curtains


By integrating the electric curtain system into the sma […]

By integrating the electric curtain system into the smart home control system, the intelligent control of the electric curtain can be realized in a variety of intelligent ways. The main control methods are local switch control, wireless remote control, and home network control. Next, Roller Blinds Motor Factory introduces the control method of an electric curtain:


1. Electric curtain remote control function:

Infrared wireless remote control, built-in infrared control circuit, direct remote control through an external infrared sensor. No matter from which direction, the remote control can be used effectively to open or close the curtain, so that the curtain can be opened and closed freely.


2. Electric curtain switch control:

Local switch control means that when you need to close or open the curtain, just press the "forward" or "back" button of the network switch on site. When the curtain is in place, the curtain will automatically stop. In the event of a power failure, the curtains can be opened and closed manually.


3. Wind speed control of electric curtain:

As long as there is a strong wind, the system detector will sense the wind signal and control the curtains to close (usually integrated with smart window systems).


4. Timing control of electric curtain:

The electric curtain can automatically control the opening and closing of the curtain according to the set opening or closing time. The system timing controller can set the opening and closing time in advance. If you go out, the system timing controller will automatically open and close the curtains at the same time every day according to your habits.


5. Electric curtain single frequency conversion control:

The so-called single control is one-to-one control. A switch or remote control controls the opening and closing of electric curtains, such as the more popular infrared remote control. In the case of unhindered, the distance of the infrared remote control must also be 10-20 meters, but when controlling the curtain, it must be close to the curtain. The remote control faces the receiver and can better control the opening and closing of the curtains, so its use is subject to certain restrictions.