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Tubular Motor Factory Introduces The Benefits Of Automatic Curtains


In order to make it easier for everyone to use, automat […]

In order to make it easier for everyone to use, automatic curtains are currently on the market. At this stage, the automatic lifting curtains currently on the market are divided into automatic curtains and semi-automatic curtains. In the case of the actual operation of semi-automatic curtains, there is no need to come to the window to manually drive the curtain cloth. You can operate it according to the hand controller; the automatic elevator curtain cloth is more advanced, and its magnetic induction is basically the sunlight source and temperature, Automatically open and close the curtain cloth under the set light source and temperature. Tubular Motor Factory introduces the benefits of automatic curtains.


Automatic curtain is a new technology product. Generally, curtain fabric stores will help install it. The installation is very easy. It is compatible with all smart home system software built according to the ZigBee specification. It does not need to be operated manually by everyone. We can carry out the remote operations according to the mobile phone, computer, and buttons, and it will not be limited by the spacing.


Compared with ordinary curtains, automatic curtains have a quieter mode and a longer service life. It uses the silent mode and its super-lubricating design scheme, and there is no noise in operation, which makes us feel comfortable in daily life. Moreover, there is no wear and tear during operation. The motor has a fully automatic memory stroke arrangement mobile phone positioning system, which automatically shuts down in time (non-impact shutdown), so the service life is longer.


If the power goes out at home, will it endanger the application of automatic curtains? There is no need to worry about this problem. The automatic curtain has the function of a strong flashlight, so you can easily pull the curtain whether it is powered or disconnected. Power-off hand pull, this function means that when the motor is working when the power is turned off, it touches the area around the overlap arm of the smart curtain, which can drive the opening and closing of the curtain; the hand operation is when the motor is plugged in. Under the circumstances, everyone manually stretches the curtain cloth, and the curtain cloth can be automatically activated. However, not all curtains have the function of soft opening and soft termination, so everyone should ask before buying.