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Roller Blinds Motor Factory Introduces The Types Of Rolling Door Motors


Roller Blinds Motor Factory introduces the types of rol […]

Roller Blinds Motor Factory introduces the types of rolling door motors :


1. Chain motors below 1.220V1000kg can be directly plugged into the 220V power supply. Press the manual switch on the motor to operate normally. The motor has a socket for the controller. Generally, directly plug it in and use the remote control to open and close the door.


2. AC and DC with electric storage motor, the lifting power is mostly 600kg, 300kg, 800kg are also available, the motor voltage is 24V, there is a battery in the control box, you can also use the remote control to lift several times when the power is off, the voltage does not have a manual switch, it must Use 24V AC and DC dual-purpose control box for remote control.


3. Three-phase electric rolling door motors, above 1000kg are mostly 380V voltage, below 1000kg there are both 220V and 380V voltage, 380V is relatively larger than 220V, the motor has a manual switch, and can also be connected to remote control.


4. Fireproof rolling door motors are all 380V (380V rolling door motors are not necessarily fireproof motors), and must be connected to a fireproof electric control box. The motor does not have a manual switch or remote control. The fireproof electric control box is controlled by 2 fireproof electronic lockboxes. When the rolling shutter door is raised and lowered, the fireproof electric control box shall be connected with the fire fighting system.