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The Difference Between Roller Shutter Tubular Motor And Chain Motor


Roller Shutter Tubular Motor has strong waterproof perf […]

Roller Shutter Tubular Motor has strong waterproof performance, high-precision electronic travel limit, and sensitive stop function when encountering resistance, saving space, and the tubular motor is relatively small. It is composed of a stroke part, a motor part, and a deceleration part. The three parts work in a round tube, hence the name.
The working principle of Roller Shutter Tubular Motor: The stroke part controls the upper and lower limits of the motor.

Powerful and external. The motor part is responsible for the operation of the motor, and the deceleration part mostly uses planetary deceleration to reduce the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque. The rollers on the chain are in rolling contact with the track, with low frictional resistance, low power loss, and capable of carrying heavier loads. The load capacity is related to the strength of the support, the size of the chain, the size of the roller, and the material. The roller is generally made of steel, but in some cases, it is made of wear-resistant engineering plastics to reduce noise.

The working principle of the chain motor: The chain motor is on the carrying chain, and a higher carrying roller attachment is added between each section to carry the goods. The chain uses rollers to slide with the track.