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Roller Blinds Motor Maintenance Tips


Maintenance Tips for Roller Blinds Motor : 1. It is not […]

Maintenance Tips for Roller Blinds Motor :

1. It is not advisable to expose to the sun, otherwise, it will easily fade. Suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms, not suitable for use with windows open, especially when the wind is strong, do not open windows.

2. Although the structure of the electric curtain is simple, sometimes it also has problems and strikes. The most common is that the rubber strips in the glass track are hardened or the card is dirty, which makes the up and down not smooth or stuck, so usually It should be noted that spray some lubricating oil on the lifting track. The rubber strip can also be coated with a special maintenance agent to reduce its drying and cracking.

3. Remember to regularly check whether the motor is operating normally. If it is damaged, replace it, otherwise, the electric curtain will not stop according to the original set stroke.

4. If there is a problem with the control system of the electric curtain, first check the battery of the remote control to see if the battery is dead, and do not disassemble the motor immediately.

5. Pay attention when installing, the relay should be installed next to the curtain motor, and it is more hidden in the curtain box, otherwise, it will be too ugly.