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How To Install Smart Curtain Motor Correctly


The installation process of Smart Curtain Motor : The f […]

The installation process of Smart Curtain Motor :

The first step: draw line positioning, measure the track size

1. The accuracy of the line drawing and positioning is the key to installing the curtain track. First, measure the fixed hole distance and the size of the required installation track.
2. The total length of the track is the main transmission box (motor), the length of the track, and the auxiliary transmission box.
3. The curved track can be used to create a curved curtain track according to the radian of the building (note: the radian should not be less than 120°). About the measurement method of curved curtain track:

①Make the arc track as shown in the picture, and indicate the length of "A", "B", "C" and the angle of the arc track, and indicate the position of the main transmission box, single or double opening (Note: "A", "B" length includes main transmission and auxiliary transmission length).

②For the arc-shaped path of the viewing platform, draw it according to the picture, and indicate (chord length), (arc height), (arc length). And indicate the location of the main gearbox. Whether it is single or double, the size refers to the inner or outer dimensions of the track. (Note: the arc length includes the length of the main transmission box and the auxiliary transmission box).

Step 2: Install the hoisting clip

Rotate the clip by 90° and connect it with the track. Use self-tapping screws to install the hoisting clip to the top plate. If it is a concrete structure, an expansion screw should be added.

Step 3: Motor Wiring

Step 4: Connect the motor to the track

The two ends of the crawler curtain track specially used for the motor are equipped with transmission boxes, the main transmission box connected with the motor, and the auxiliary transmission box at the other end. The specific operations are as follows:
1. Put the electric at 90° into the main transmission box; (Note: the flat rotating shaft of the main transmission box should match the interface of the motor);
2. Rotate the motor 90° clockwise;
3. After the rotation is in place, push the insert into the transmission box to the limit position, it will be automatically locked, and the motor will be connected with the transmission box; the end is connected. (Note: Do not power on when it is not connected well, so as not to damage the motor).

Step 5: Adjust the motor stroke. There is a set of gears and a micro switch device at the end of the motor. The motor wiring requires forward rotation and reverse rotation, so as to realize the self-positioning of the electric curtain opening and closing stroke.