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What Are The Control Methods For Roller Shutter Tubular Motor?


What are the control methods for Roller Shutter Tubular […]

What are the control methods for Roller Shutter Tubular Motor :

1. Wind and rain control: It is mainly used in sunshade systems. The electric curtain is connected with a professional sensing device, and the wind speed level can be preset in advance. As long as the wind and rain reach or exceed the preset limit, the system detector will send a shutdown signal to the control system. It can play the role of protecting sunshade products and reducing external damage. Mostly used for ceiling curtains and louver shading systems.
2. Light control and temperature control: One control method is applied indoors, which can automatically adjust the opening of curtains according to the changes in indoor light and temperature, so as to ensure a comfortable light and environment in the room. Another control method is to apply it outdoors. The latitude of the natural light of the light control sensor device changes and the angle of the blinds is adjusted in time to ensure comfortable indoor lighting.

3. Control: Electric curtains can be preset to automatically open and close the time, with completely non-manual control. When night falls, the curtains will automatically close, and when you get up in the morning, the curtains will automatically open, and the sun will shine into the house, opening your day to a better life.