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Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers Introduces The Selection Requirements Of Electric Curtains


Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers introduces the select […]

Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers introduces the selection requirements of electric curtains:

1. Look at the quality of the fabric. The fabrics of electric curtains also need to be paid attention to. Sunshine fabrics can clearly see the outdoors, but not indoors. If your light is too strong, or you use a computer indoors, you need to choose full shading fabrics with better shading properties to avoid shading. To achieve a better shading effect.

2. Look at the craftsmanship. The craftsmanship of electric curtains directly affects the practicability and aesthetics of the curtains. It is a matter of detail. Therefore, when purchasing, you must pay attention to whether the track is fine, whether the cutting is good, whether the mounting seat is flexible, and whether the pull Is the rope strong and durable?

3, need to see the brand. There are many brands of electric curtains nowadays. Consumers can take a look at them and compare and contrast. Usually, the brands that are well-known and recognized by consumers are often the ones worth buying. And some small brands of electric curtains need to be carefully selected.