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Roller Blinds Motor Suppliers Introduces The Features Of A Remote Control Curtain System


Remote control electric curtain system is a new type of […]

Remote control electric curtain system is a new type of high-tech product. The application will bring you high-tech enjoyment and convenience, and at the same time can beautify your environment and make your home show a higher taste. Below, Roller Blinds Motor Suppliers introduces the related equipment and features of the remote control curtain system.

1. Safety: The curtain drive equipment is equipped with reliable safety fortification protection devices, and users can use it with confidence.

2. Compatibility: The system is equipped with manual, intelligent wire control buttons, and remote control. When the curtain is fully opened or closed, the driver can stop working in time. In the event of a power failure, the system can be manually turned on and off.

3. Applicability: It has a variety of opening and closing speeds of different gears, and different speeds can be selected for different occasions.

4. Intelligent: The system timing controller can be set to automatically open and close multiple times within 24 hours in advance. If you go out, the system will automatically open and close the curtains at the same time every day according to your habits to ensure safety.