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Selection Principles Of Tubular Motor


Tubular Motor is purchasing principles:   1. Look […]

Tubular Motor is purchasing principles:


1. Look at the power. When choosing a motor, choose according to the size, weight, and other conditions of the curtain. The torque of the electric curtain motor is 50W and 80W respectively, and it is also divided into two types: DC and AC motors.


2. Listening to the noise, you can pre-test to see if the noise is loud or not. Of course, some motors can also achieve low noise by adjusting the speed, but lowering the speed may affect the torque and load of the motor. The greater the torque, the greater the noise.


3. Generally, dealers will have a product demonstration area, where you can roughly understand some basic situations.


4. It depends on the after-sales service of your dealer and whether it provides an after-sales guarantee. The general electric curtain motor manufacturers have perfect measures for the after-sales of the motor.