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4 Types Of Conventional Control Methods For Motorized Shades Blinds


There are 4 general control methods for Motorized Shade […]

There are 4 general control methods for Motorized Shades Blinds :


1 Manual control function: manual switch control, radio remote control, manual plus wireless remote control. Some products can be added with emergency hand joystick control for power failure (only single-amplitude control).


2 Intelligent control functions: time and space, mind control, rain control, light control, voice control (rarely used), or any combination of the above 5. Such as wind and rain control, scenery and rain control, and so on.


3. Cluster control functions: cluster master control, regional sub-control, and sub-file control. The above three can also be combined arbitrarily.


4 Extended control function: can be connected to the building master control port. Realize the intelligent control of the whole building.