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The Future Of Battery Blinds Motor


In recent years, people's living standards have been co […]

In recent years, people's living standards have been continuously improved, and the family's demand for smart homes is also rising. Because of the intelligent advantages of electric curtains, people can turn off the curtains by remote control when they are lying in bed, which relieves people's tiredness after getting off work. Such an action that does not want to move is indeed sought after by the market. Let's take a look at the future development trends of Battery Blinds Motor :


1. High product requirements: People have a high demand for electric curtains. In the past two years, many foreign brand products have poured into China one after another, and they have achieved good results.


2. Lower noise: From the availability of functions to the pursuit of the quietness of the motor and track, the noise of the current good electric curtain system is already lower than 40 decibels. Various electric curtain manufacturers have launched synchronous steel belts and double-coated steel belts to solve the stability and noise in the transmission process of electric curtains.


3. Diversified functions: At first, the electric curtains only required the curtains not to be pulled by hand, but to be controlled by remote control. And now, curtains that can be pulled by hand in a power outage are gradually emerging. In addition to the function of hand-pulling and hand-pulling, there are now soft-start and soft-stop functions.


4. The connection with the intelligent central control has been stepped up: whether it is the strong electric central control or the weak electric central control, it can be matched with the electric curtains, and even the 485 bus control system has been added, and the computer directly controls the electric curtain system through the USB interface.